Hello and Welcome to AadityaShah dotCom, my personal website. 

This website is not associated nor affiliated nor endorsed by any of my employers, current or past. 

My name, as you may have figured out, is Aaditya Shah. I'm an IT professional, with a background in development and coding. My unique background has allowed me to work in all aspects of IT from computing, hardware, telecommunications, networking, development, QA, UI/UX design and testing, as well as policies, management and procedures. 

I was raised by an immigrant family, in the restaurant business, and as such have a fairly in-depth knowledge of Business Management/Administration, as well as the Food Service Industry. I've been cooking for as long as I can remember, and I love doing it.

You will find things ranging from recipes, to product reviews, to development ideas and other things on this site. I hope you enjoy your visit!